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Managers Development Program

who should attend this program

This program is for business owners, Company managers, Administration managers, and governmental sectors.

(Male and female attendance)

what is the program objectives

Are you looking for new solutions for the problems you’re facing?
Do you know the steps required to make a decision?
Do you professionally motivate your team and able to set goals and monitor them?
Do you have the skills to conduct personal, Technical interviews?

The main content of the program: 
Day 1: Problem solving and negotiation skills 
Mr. Hatem Alqahtani
Day 2: Decision making and achieving 
Mr. Hatem Alqahtani
Day 3: Coaching and motivation skills
Mr. Amr Elsabbagh
Day 4: Management by objectives (MBO)
Mr. Behijan Al-Behijan
Day 5: Team building and interview skills.
Mr. Behijan Al-Behijan

Managers Development Program

Day 1: Problem solving and negotiation skills
Dealing with challenges.
Admit the problem.
Identifying the problem and setting a structure for it
Studying the direct and indirect effects of the problem.
Alternatives and solutions.
Cost effective solutions
Negotiation skills in problem solving
Negotiation skills in team communication. 

Day 2: Decision making and achieving 
Simplifying the hard decisions and transferring them into little steps
Steps required towards decision making.
Time planning for decision making.
Making a list with the available options’
Setting responsibilities of the decision and the authority matrix.
Defining the risks and the effects of the decision.
Decision making and accomplishment.
The relationship between the leadership skills and goals achieving
Removing the obstacles facing the team to achieve their goals.

Day 3: Coaching and motivation skills
The manager skills in coaching 
Coaching sessions time management 
Documenting the outcomes of coaching meetings and how to utilize.
Coaching and motivation.
Psychological aspect in motivating your team.
Non-financial benefits
Job security for the team

Day 4: Management By objectives
The concept of performance management vs performance appraisal.
Operational plans and goals setting
KPIs Key performance Indicator.
Performance follow-up
Corrective and preventive actions. 
How to measure the achievement vs plans.
Professional Performance management.
Dealing with low performance

Day 5: Team building and interviews skills.
The importance of recruitment in team building
Recruitment life cycle: planning, CV search, Evaluation and selection and hiring.
Interviews: Preparing, Types, how to conduct. 
Workshops in:
          - Manpower planning
          -Job description
          -Conducting job interviews

Managers Development Program

Amr El Sabbagh

  • Master of Business Administration from Berlin School of Economics, Germany.
  • 14 years of Experience in Training Needs Assessment for companies. (TNA).
  • Training and Development Planning and Budgeting.
  • Preparing Competency framework and dictionary.
  • Trainer in the field of Training, HR and Management


Managers Development Program

: 29th April 2018 - 3rd May 2018
: From 09:00 - To 15:00
Course Language
: Arabic
: 5 Days (30 Training Hours)
: five stars hotel - Dubai,United Arab Emirates
Course Fees
: 8,500